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How Bobbi Brown is Redefining Her Brand as a Wellness Guru

Bobbi Brown, best known for founding her eponymous makeup brand, is now pivoting to become a wellness guru. The beauty entrepreneur has recently launched a new lifestyle brand, EVOLUTION_18, which focuses on promoting health and wellness from the inside out.

EVOLUTION_18 offers a range of products, including supplements, powders, and wellness shots, that are designed to support overall wellness, beauty, and energy. Brown’s philosophy is that true beauty starts from within, and that by nourishing the body with the right nutrients, individuals can achieve their best selves.

In addition to her product line, Brown is also sharing her wellness expertise through her podcast, “Long Story Short with Bobbi Brown.” In each episode, she interviews experts in the wellness industry and shares insights on topics such as mindfulness, nutrition, and self-care.

Brown’s shift to the wellness industry is not surprising, as she has long been an advocate for healthy living. In fact, she has been a certified health coach since 2010 and has always emphasized the importance of taking care of oneself in order to look and feel beautiful.

While some may view Brown’s pivot as a departure from her makeup roots, she sees it as a natural evolution. As she told Forbes in a recent interview, “I was never just about makeup. I was always about helping women feel good about themselves and now I’m doing it in a different way.”

Overall, Bobbi Brown’s reinvention as a wellness guru is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit and her commitment to helping others achieve their best selves. Through EVOLUTION_18 and her podcast, she is providing valuable resources and insights for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness.

Brown’s foray into the wellness industry also reflects a larger trend in the beauty world. As consumers become more health-conscious and interested in holistic approaches to beauty, many beauty brands are expanding their offerings to include wellness products and services.

For example, Sephora recently launched a “Wellness” section on its website, featuring products such as supplements, teas, and aromatherapy. Other beauty brands, such as Tata Harper and Goop, have also expanded into the wellness space with product lines focused on natural, non-toxic ingredients and holistic approaches to beauty.

Overall, Bobbi Brown’s pivot to the wellness industry is a reflection of the evolving beauty landscape and the increasing demand for products and services that prioritize overall health and wellness. With her expertise in both beauty and wellness, Brown is well-positioned to succeed in this new venture and inspire others to prioritize their own health and wellness.

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